Mira Commerce Announces Partnership with Fluent Commerce Mira Commerce Announces Partnership with Fluent Commerce
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  • 22 November 2022

Mira Commerce Announces Partnership with Fluent Commerce

Mira Commerce, a premier digital transformation consultancy that powers online commerce, today announced its newly formed partnership with Fluent Commerce, a leading provider of cloud-native distributed order management for omnichannel retail. Fluent Order Management delivers inventory visibility at scale and focuses on creating smart and modern solutions for merchants.

Increased Flexibility

Fluent Commerce’s industry-leading Order Management System (OMS) improves customer experience, optimizes fulfillment, and solves inventory visibility issues. Its flexible framework, modern tech stack, and predefined workflows create a highly scalable core platform with out-of-the-box features.

Accelerated Commerce

The new Mira/Fluent partnership is built on a shared vision for enabling flexible, headless commerce.

Mira Commerce excels at complex system integrations and building custom cloud full stack serverless apps by embracing MACH – Microservices Architecture, API-driven, Cloud-based, Headless Commerce.

Fluent Commerce helps retailers and brands develop their omnichannel strategies and offers a wide range of fulfillment options. Its API-first architecture is ideal for headless deployment because it’s built for the cloud and allows customers to scale as needed to handle growth. 

Mira Commerce’s expertise with MACH architecture, combined with Fluent Commerce’s flexible framework and unique OMS, creates fast and profitable omnichannel order management experiences that accelerate global commerce. 

About Mira Commerce

Mira Commerce is a premier Digital Transformation Consultancy that provides both mid-market and enterprise retailers, brands, manufacturers and distributors with an innovative mix of digital commerce technology and business services. Leveraging MACH (microservices architecture, API-driven, cloud-based, headless commerce), Mira Commerce builds dynamic, powerful, easy-to-use eCommerce sites, and connects evolving sales channels with systems to enable truly personalized, scalable digital commerce. Mira Commerce is known for its passion for client success and a laser-like focus on delivering results to clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Griot’s Garage, Mizuno, FedEx, Visa International, Zwilling and others. For more information, please visit miracommerce.com.

About Fluent Commerce

Fluent Commerce is a global software company focused on distributed order management for commerce. Both B2C and B2B organizations rely on their cloud native, highly flexible and fully scalable distributed order management platform to transform fulfillment complexity into a competitive advantage. Fluent Order Management provides accurate and near real-time inventory availability across multiple locations, order orchestration, fulfillment optimization, fulfillment location management, in-store pick and pack, customer service, and reporting. This enables retailers, brands, and B2B organizations to fulfill orders profitably while delivering the best customer experience possible. Fluent Commerce works with organizations such as JD Sports, L’Oréal, Prada Group, Aldo, LVMH and Dulux. For more information visit fluentcommerce.com.