Augmented Reality Applications

Connect Physical and Digital Realms to Power Amazing Shopping Experiences with Augmented Reality.

AR-powered Shopping

From manufacturing, to service, marketing, and sales, Augmented Reality is transforming how work gets done and how people interact with the physical world. AR is revolutionizing the way we shop online as well. By overlaying virtual objects onto the real world, enriching physical products and objects with digital “twins” and additional multimedia content, AR enables customers to try out products and see how they will look before making a purchase. This enhances the overall shopping experience and leads to higher sales and customer satisfaction.

Across e-commerce domains, both retail and wholesale, AR is used in many ways, including virtual try-ons, product visualization and configuration, virtual showrooms, interactive marketing, and other.

Mira Commerce has developed a unique proprietary AR-enabled mobile shopping application combined with a cloud-based business user platform for managing e-commerce content and AR user experience. We connect clients’ existing e-commerce platforms with custom-built AR mobile applications, synchronize product catalogs, customer account data, order history, and content. Merchants manage application content, enrich products with AR-powered experience in a full DIY mode, set up business rules, promotions, push and geo-based notifications, and then publish such content and rules for shoppers in real time.

Mira AR Application Capabilities:

  • Scan physical products, product labels, or products in paper catalogs to add to cart, or get product recommendations
  • Have interactive experiences within product labels or with physical products
  • Scan product boxes to render 3-D digital product “twins” to highlight its unique features and possible add-ons or options
  • Scan a product to bring up social media accounts and related product categories
  • Check-out using an existing e-commerce platform connected to the AR mobile app

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