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Building E-commerce Channels for Direct Sellers

The rise of e-commerce has revolutionized the direct selling industry, providing new opportunities and challenges for companies operating in this space. Mira Commerce fully supports direct selling and multi-level marketing (MLM) business models and understand the economic and social impact of direct selling as an alternative sales channel and a unique selling method. Direct selling models impose very specific requirements on e-commerce; such online shops have to enable businesses to have full visibility into sales and recruitment activities of their sales force, provide for attribution of sales to specific sales individuals and teams, and be seamlessly integrated with back-end direct selling systems of record for recruitment, commissions and bonuses calculations, and other business-critical systems. Our direct selling digital solutions support existing sales channels and can help independent sales representatives sell products and services direct to consumers through highly personalized and feature-rich online storefronts.

We work with a number of direct sellers and have strong competencies and rich experience in working with clients in this vertical. We understand that success in e-commerce direct selling requires a strong focus on customer experience, supply chain management, data security, marketing and promotion, distributor training and support, and regulatory compliance. We can work with you to prioritize these factors and to modernize and advance your online sales channels to support your business in the direct selling industry – reach out to speak with our experts today!

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