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We are Mira Commerce. A world-class digital commerce agency trusted by clients since 2004.

Mira Commerce Leadership

About Mira Commerce

Since 2004, we’ve been building and supporting modern applications and websites for our clients – growing merchants, brands, distributors in many retail and wholesale industry verticals in North America and Europe. At Mira, we are a cohesive team of technical and business professionals, a collective of competent and experienced individuals who have significant experience in the e-commerce technology and marketing space. We are united by a shared vision, mission, and values that translate into massively valuable innovative work that we do for our clients.

Why Mira

Dan Fertig
VP, Agency Partnerships

It’s so refreshing to work with a partner as committed to successful client outcomes as we are at BigCommerce. Mira’s commitment is reflected in the ecosystem-leading levels of training and certification they’ve achieved, and ultimately in the long list of happy joint customers.

Tim McVinish
Marketing Manager

The experience with Mira was excellent. We’ve since completed three projects with the team that has been consistently great on all fronts. Communications are clear, timely, and friendly and the quality of their work has been fantastic.

Jeff Stripp
Chief Revenue Officer

The entire team at Mira is awesome – we have had such great experiences with them – I would highly recommend it to anyone needing development work who appreciates good communication, responsiveness, and professionalism.

Dell Plagens
E-commerce Manager

We have a long running partnership with Mira. Their team repeatedly demonstrated a vast technical knowledge and designed solutions to address unexpected gaps. Everyone is a joy to work with and shows a genuine interest in our success.

Our Vision

At Mira Commerce, we see the future of digital commerce as a distinctly human experience, enabling individuals to create, build, achieve their highest aspirations, and realize their full potential. We help merchants reimagine the shopping experience so it inspires and supports customers through their shopping journey. We enable retailers and brands to connect with their shoppers through the correct e-commerce channels. We unify sales channels and touchpoints, facilitate user preferences, and identify the ideal opportunities for businesses to reach their customers. We deliver on trust of our clients, just as they deliver on trust of their shoppers. Discover more about us, our story, values, and commitment to providing exceptional solutions and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses succeed in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. We strive to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions and exceptional service, leveraging the latest technology and best practices to drive growth and exceed their goals. We are committed to building long-lasting partnerships and empowering our clients to thrive in the digital marketplace. We move commerce forward!

Build Trust

We aim to be credible, candid, and reliable advisors for our clients and partners. We focus on building open and transparent relationships that result in long-lasting business engagements that are based on mutual interest.

Create Value

We help clients grow market share, increase revenues, lower costs, and mitigate risks. We create value by applying our work effort, creativity and ingenuity, we thoughtfully solve complex and unique business challenges.

Lead by Example

We are accountable and responsible for the way we act. We show behaviors that differentiate trusted advisors from order takers in our professional services domain. We aim to set the tone and inspire people we work with.

Act with Integrity

We act with honesty, fairness, and transparency as key foundations in all aspects of our work, including communication, decision-making, handling of confidentiality matters, and objectivity of our professional advice.

Never Stop!

We do not give up and push forward despite obstacles and setbacks to help our clients and partners be successful. With the mindset of persistence, perseverance, and determination, when going gets tough, Mira team never stops!

Meet the team

Eduardo De Lisa

Chief Technical Officer

Sergei Ostapenko

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Wiese

Head of Sales

Alejandro Dominguez

Head of Finance

Yelena Taras

Head of Quality Assurance

John Fandel

Director of Global Accounts

Alejandra Fernandez

Technical Lead

Alejandro Prieto

Full Stack Developer

Alejandro Stivanello

Full Stack Developer

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