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As digital disruptors, digital-native brands, and Amazon have forced more traditional businesses to rise up and adapt in different ways. Functionalities like an omni-channel delivery, subscription models, personalization, and intelligent search have now become necessities in retail industry. E-commerce opportunities in the CPG industry have ballooned in the past years, and there are notable CPG strategies online that Mira Commerce embraces and helps its clients to realize, including:

  • Offering subscription models to tap into recurring revenues
  • Doubling down on the best performing brands online and doubling down on content
  • Using noble company values and business missions to merchant’s own advantage
  • Humanizing brands and making better connections with customers

While technical aspects of e-commerce are considered to have only a limited impact on such strategies, they play an instrumental role in streamlining, organizing, analyzing consumer data to identify meaningful moments for a merchant to act, to reach out, and to support their shopper’s journeys.

Mira Commerce has built comprehensive end-to-end e-commerce applications and integrations to help its CPG clients to realize their business strategies and goals. We have done so by designing and deploying custom middleware business applications, custom business logic and APIs, building unified consumer profiles to enable advanced personalization scenarios, and working closely with our clients’ teams to advance their digital transformation initiatives. Reach out to us today for us to discuss modern best practices in retail / CPG / FMCG industry verticals and to see how we can support your online growth initiatives!

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