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Our digital solutions improve tech ROI and increase profit margins for brands and business owners. We develop and implement custom solutions that address pain points and business needs, while enabling you to reduce costs and reach a wider audience.

Our team works with your existing software to maximize the ability of your platform, and to make sure you get the highest return on investment.

Re-platforming and migrating to a new e-commerce technology can be an expensive and risky proposition. Merchants who have been in business for a long time and have a complex IT infrastructure supporting their very sophisticated operational models, usually have invested millions and millions of dollars into digital capabilities to meet their customer and business user demands. In most cases, re-platforming throws away that investment away and resets on all the integrations, all the customizations, and all the operational knowledge.

Migration projects also are not how merchants maximize their ROI. That is actually done by delivering a streamlined and solid use experience to their online shoppers and internal users which can be realized with the experience and competence of Mira Commerce.

Prior to making any recommendations for our clients to invest in yet another platform, toolkit, a service, or to customize their existing systems, we carefully review, analyze, and improve the ways in which the current systems and platforms are configured, set up, and used across an organization. We find that in many cases, our client users have grown accustomed to manual processes, workarounds and have a limited knowledge of the systems they use. This often is a result of a negligence of their prior service provider or a defective limited implementation. It can also be a lack of upgrades and modernization of their systems or lack of integrations with their improved / new systems of record for product catalogs, customer databases, and order management systems. We architect, build, and support required extensions, enhance features, integrate systems, and ensure that clients get the most value of investments in the technology stack that they already made.

In short, Mira Commerce is trusted by clients to be a trusted professional advisor working to maximize client ROI on technology investments. Get in touch with us today to hear how we help many of our clients optimize their use of e-commerce technologies!

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