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In recent years, e-commerce storefronts and applications have evolved to connect all customer and product data to orchestrate and deliver personalized experiences via advanced and amazingly good looking usable user interfaces. The shopper is at the center of attention for most of the growing online merchants of all sizes, and a business user – a marketer, a merchandiser, a store administrator – are often forgotten and must continue to manage and drive the online business manually from the legacy backend of a business. At Mira Commerce, we often see that a best in class e-commerce platform gets used in a way that is not accommodating the business-specific needs of a merchant and that their team members, creative individuals, must spend their time unproductively and to manually manage, normalize, copy and paste content and product data between systems.

Mira Commerce partners with clients to ensure that marketers can create stunning and engaging personalized experiences with ease. We embrace and implement tools that enable easy drag and drop authoring, multi-channel previews, staging, and integrated analytics for real-time insights. We carefully select tools and products that enable faster publishing and high-converting components built in. Our systems integration approach is to avoid hard-coding point-to-point connectivity that does not survive another upgrade or a system change; instead, we leverage best of breed middleware ESPs, event-driven systems, webhooks, and many other advanced integration methods and architectures to automate data flows and remove manual inputs.

Your business user deserves better. She must focus on growth, making sense of evolving shopper trends and implementing creative ideas. Let’s work together to stop her having to spend valuable time on tasks and duties that can easily be automated away. Get in touch with us today!

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