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Custom Digital Solutions for Technology Companies Sell High Tech Products Online.

E-commerce for Technology Businesses

We specialize in high technology. Mira Commerce works with technology companies who produce and sell high tech products online.

We establish your existing challenges of building a website, and offer custom solutions that meet the growing needs of your business model. We implement world-class solutions for B2B and B2C websites that offer truly personalized and scalable commerce. 

Selling high tech products online in a highly competitive e-commerce retail space comes with a number of challenges. High tech products are often very complex and difficult to understand for an average shopper. Effective product specifications and descriptions must accurately convey product benefits and features. Unlike physical stores, online storefront offer limited opportunities for customers to touch, feel, and interact with products – so additional functionality such as Augmented Reality can enrich physical information with digital multi-media. High tech products often require a certain level of technical knowledge and expertise to install, use, and troubleshoot – an extensive online and offline technical support for customers is required.

The high tech industry is highly competitive, and online sellers compete with global marketplaces, other retailers, manufacturers, drop-shippers, and other merchants. Standing out, pricing products appropriately, and attracting customers is extremely tough for high tech businesses.

At Mira Commerce, we understand the business and technical challenges our high tech clients face. Our solutions for e-commerce in this space are optimized for shopper experience, intelligent product and content search and presentation, advanced merchandising. We deploy complex product configurators, visual / 3D viewers, AR-powered mobile applications that produce product “digital twins” helping customers understand product features, install and troubleshoot products. We also develop very complex custom integrations between systems of record for high tech companies as they must manage their online storefronts within the larger infrastructures and supply chain processes. Reach out to Mira experts to learn more about how we may support your high tech product sales online!

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