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B2B E-Commerce Modernized

The BigCommerce B2B Edition platform is a specialized solution designed specifically for businesses operating in the wholesale space – manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and other types of merchants. This platform provides B2B organizations with the tools and functionality they need to effectively manage complex transactions and meet the unique needs of their business customers.

With features such as custom pricing, bulk ordering, and sophisticated inventory management capabilities, BigCommerce B2B empowers businesses to streamline their operations, automate workflows, and reduce manual errors. With BigCommerce B2B, businesses can deliver a superior customer experience for both shoppers and backend business users, increase efficiency, and drive growth in the competitive B2B market.

Clients can leverage powerful functionalities of the platform to grow B2B sales, such as:

  • Price lists and customer groups: Provide custom pricing down to the SKU level, offer bulk buying discounts, and create promotions for select groups.
  • Corporate account management: Allow customers to set up multiple tiers of buyers with specific roles and permissions based on their roles and authority levels.
  • Restricted logins: Leverage customer groups to require merchants to log in before accessing particular content. Guest and B2C users can also apply for a corporate account.
  • Invoice portals: Allow customers to easily manage and pay invoices online with credit card, ACH, purchase order or other payment methods.
  • Sales reps masquerade: Log in on behalf of a company, access shopping lists, add products to the cart and complete placement of the order.
  • Quoting: Sales representatives can create a quote and provide additional discounts to customers on top of pre-arranged pricing.
  • Shared shopping lists: Manage and save multiple shopping lists, retrieve these for future use and seamlessly purchase previously saved products.
  • Re-order / buy again: Company users can view all company-level previously purchased products with the company-specific base price.
  • Payment method visibility control: Add, edit, show, or hide approved payment options for customers including purchase orders and credit card.

Mira Commerce provides full BigCommerce platform migration services, B2B edition site deployments, enhancements, customizations for many of our clients. We can assist with some of the most complex integrations and customizations, having managed B2B storefronts for wholesale businesses ranging from small local resellers to global distributors and conglomerates. Get in touch with us today if you need expert assistance with your BigCommerce B2B projects and initiatives!

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