Mira Commerce Launches New Site for RC Pets on BigCommerce Mira Commerce Launches New Site for RC Pets on BigCommerce
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  • 21 January 2022

Mira Commerce Launches New Site for RC Pets on BigCommerce

Mira Commerce is happy to announce a new website launch for RC Pets, www.rcpets.com. RC Pets takes pride in providing quality products that enhance the special bond between pets and their guardians. RC Pets delivers innovative, quality products through a dedicated team of pet lovers from production to warehouse, design to customer service, and now through their new agile online store.

The current website is open for B2B retail featuring customization and personalization components. The most optimal customization piece the Mira Commerce team developed and deployed is Bulk Order form. The form is configurable, and clients are able to choose which product categories to show. A quite complicated backend configuration was created (AWS) to speed up the functionality of the Bulk Order form. Another configuration the Mira team implemented is the Quick Order form on the Product Detail Page, similar to the Bulk Order form but this form will show variations of only one product. Customization of the Cart page makes it more user friendly for B2B clients to edit products in bulk. ‘Other Trending Products’ widget was implemented on the Cart page through BigCommerce API widgets. This widget is reusable, configurable, and can be applied to other retail websites. In addition, the Backorders functionality was implemented; if product stock has less than 1,000 pieces by default the product won’t be available and can be backordered. Mira Commerce also customized the Registration page which now provides different order forms to fulltil B2B and B2C orders. Lastly, the site now supports multi-currency and uses price lists for different customer groups.

The fully finished site to service B2C customers is scheduled to launch in February 2022 making their quality products available for all pet owners and their furry companions. Mira Commerce congratulates RC Pets on this new digital footprint, which makes shopping quick, easy and leaves more time to spend with our pets!