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As a commitment to their loyal customers, Griot’s Garage was searching for an ecommerce solution to meet the growing needs of their dynamic business. With an ecommerce platform nearing sunset, Griot’s Garage approached Mira Commerce requiring a solution that would easily scale with new features such as augmented reality and an upcoming mobile app. The new solution would need to evolve with their large library of interactive content as well as offer a strong customer experience for today’s online shopper.

Griot's Garage


Griot’s Garage sought Mira Commerce’s expertise to enhance their online presence and brand experience with a replatforming to BigCommerce. As Griot’s Garage has a strong history of customer loyalty demonstrated through quality products backed by lifetime warranties, customer experience is key in fostering new customer acquisition and maintaining outstanding retention. The new platform along with multiple tech integrations now meet their growing need for interactive content and an equally compelling customer experience.

Mira Commerce Deliver Success

  • + 20% Mobile Online Revenue

  • + 12% Average Order Value

  • + 20% Mobile Conversion Rate

  • ↓ 45% Checkout Abandonment


Since Mira Commerce migrated Griot’s Garage to BigCommerce, they have seen huge success. Along with custom built search functionality and order status features, they have a 20% increase in mobile conversion rate and a subsequent increase of 20% in mobile revenue. The large content library and new customer experience has helped with a 12% boost in average order value. In shifting to the new platform, Griot’s Garage is prepared for the rapidly evolving digital landscape, including Mira Commerce’s new custom built AR functionality and upcoming mobile app development.

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Mira Commerce Customizations Power Customer Experience

The Griot’s Garage promise is a commitment to their customers: they are driven to provide their customers with exceptional products and customer service all backed by a world-class lifetime guarantee. With such strong loyalty to their customers, Mira Commerce helped guide the decision to BigCommerce’s customer-centric ecommerce platform.
Having outgrown their previous ecommerce platform, Mira Commerce suggested BigCommerce as the best choice for Griot’s Garage to provide their customers with a modern user experience and upgraded custom features. Griot’s Garage has better flexibility to stay current with new trends, make changes quickly on their website and support their dynamic evolution as an omnichannel business.
Mira Commerce implemented a workaround to complement BigCommerce’s digital gift certificate functionality. The workaround is fully custom functionality to ensure Griot’s Garage can continue to offer physical gift certificates to their customers.
Similarly, BigCommerce provides an out-of-the-box Order Status/Look-Up feature but Griot’s Garage needed an advanced feature available to their customers. Understanding the need to minimize customer frustration around order status issues,

Mira Commerce built custom functionality to reduce friction and improve post-order customer experience.
A large part of Griot’s Garage’s commitment to their customers is a lifetime warranty on all of their products sold online and in-store. To ensure the customer data integrity, Griot’s Garage leveraged Mira Commerce’s data migration expertise. Over seven years of customer data was captured and transferred to ensure customer account continuation and accuracy post ecommerce platform migration.
As long standing clients of Mira Commerce, it’s evident that customer commitment and loyalty is the lifeblood of Griot’s Garage’s business strategy. Almost every product they sell online or in-stores is accompanied by a how-to video library of guides, best practices, and
tips/tricks for every kind of car enthusiast. Cloudinary is leveraged as the digital asset management solution to ensure quick viewing access to all online content.
This attention to customer experience extends to new forms of content creation. In the near future, Mira Commerce will help Griot’s Garage provide their customers with an even deeper and richer user experience by leveraging augmented reality capabilities throughout their mobile website and forthcoming mobile app.

“Griot’s Garage is proud of our partnership with Mira Commerce and excited to celebrate together the accomplishment of replatforming our website. We have enjoyed great collaboration over the years and look forward to building a stronger presence for the Griot’s Garage brand with the help of Mira Commerce. This is just the beginning.”

– Dell Plagens, Ecommerce & Business Solutions Manager, Griot’s Garage.