Mira Commerce Recognized as KIBO Gold Partner Mira Commerce Recognized as KIBO Gold Partner
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  • 29 July 2021

Mira Commerce Recognized as KIBO Gold Partner

As a premier digital agency with over 17 years experience, and a strategic technical partner of KIBO Commerce, Mira Commerce has been officially recognized with a GOLD Top Partner Certification from KIBO. With our long-standing experience delivering solutions to over 100 KIBO customers across multiple generations of KIBO platform technologies, we have established leadership status in KIBO Commerce platform implementation and support services.

As Kibo acquired various platforms and e-commerce toolkits over the years, Mira worked with Marketlive, Volusion, Mozu, Certona, Monetate, Shopatron, and numerous other solutions that became members of the wider Kibo Commerce family. We have migrated and supported many merchants who chose Kibo Commerce as their e-commerce and order management platform since 2004. Our clients who utilize Kibo platform for their online sales channels today, are relying on Kibo to manage fulfillment, inventory, subscriptions, and eCommerce through one unified system and are utilizing Mira’s professional services to manage, streamline, and enhance their Kibo applications. We closely collaborate with Kibo’s product development and professional services teams to ensure that our clients are getting high quality, timely, competent support.

We attribute this recognition to our dedicated team of senior solution architects and certified software engineers, developers, and project managers guiding our client’s digital channels powered by KIBO. We support a wide variety of merchants who use Kibo – from global consumer brands to regional general merchants, wholesale distributors, and direct-to-consumer (DTC) digital native brands.

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