Defining Leadership and Transferring it into Reality Defining Leadership and Transferring it into Reality
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  • 12 October 2022

Defining Leadership and Transferring it into Reality

Mira Commerce was pleased to host a special Leadership Summit organized exclusively for our valued clients. The Summit’s goal was to strengthen our shared ecommerce community. In attendance were digital commerce operators and Senior professional leaders. Attendees took part in this community learning and knowledge sharing summit. The series included a two-part webinar event, which featured two inspirational guest speakers and an interactive Q&A session. Both experts shared their insights and best practices for leading projects effectively in the digital space. Key areas of discussion included tactics for improving team’s learning agility, and how to enhance team dynamics in the new hybrid work environment.

The Situational Leadership Framework

Session one featured guest speaker Brent Bellm. Brent is the CEO and Chairman of BigCommerce, a global ecommerce platform that powers 60,000 online stores around the world. Under Brent’s leadership, BigCommerce has received various honors and recognition as a top solution provider. Brent is credited with the evolution of BigCommerce’s business model to open Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). He has also led its transition from a Small-and-Medium-Sized (SMB) platform to an Enterprise platform.

Brent referenced the model known as the Situational Leadership Framework when evaluating his leadership skills. “This model is a timeless, repeatable framework for leaders to match their behaviors with the performance needs of the individual or group that they are attempting to influence”. ( Having a leader who understands situational leadership is key to running a good business. Leaders may not want to get involved in day-to-day tasks, but sometimes it’s necessary to get in and help direct their teams when needed.

Team Dynamics

Brett Cooper, President and Co-Founder of Integris Performance Advisors, kicked off session two of the Mira Commerce Leadership Summit. Brett is an entrepreneur, leadership coach, and co-author of Solving the People Problem and President of Integris Performance Advisors. The mission at IPA is to expand the existence of healthy organizations and great places to work. Brett’s knowledge of team dynamics and building relationships made him the perfect guest speaker to introduce the DiSC Framework.

The DiSC Model is a personal assessment tool that can be used to help improve teamwork, communication and productivity in the workplace. It works by taking different communication styles and personality styles, applying it to the idea of knowing yourself and others, and using this knowledge to make better decisions and while also adapting your behavior for the mutual benefit of your team. By taking this model and applying it to The Learning Agility Framework, you will strengthen your emotional intelligence and become more effective when working with your team.

What we learned

Leadership can be defined by three focus areas: strategy, people, and operations. Having a healthy mix of all three buckets is essential for running a good business. Within your teams, applying tools such as the Situational Leadership Framework and DiSc model can help with team building, resolving conflict, and improving team performance. To improve your team’s learning agility, it is also necessary to have emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence means being aware of what kind of support your team members need, and adapting your behavior for the mutual benefit of everyone involved. Understanding situational leadership is key to being a great leader.

To enhance team dynamics in the new hybrid work environment. It is crucial to establish trust with your team members, and to continue to find ways to bond with your team. Working in a hybrid setting can be challenging because we miss out on typical “water cooler” talk. As a result, a lot of personal conversations and connections are lost. In an environment where it can be difficult to communicate, it is important to make time to have less structured conversations. 

Thank you to all of the participants who made this webinar-series possible. It was an enriching experience to speak with our valued customers and gain insights from our trusted partners! 

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