Cloud-based composable headless e-commerce platform for enterprise brands.

commercetools Partnership

Commercetools, a pioneer of headless composable commerce, provides the commercetools e-commerce platform build on the MACH framework (Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless). Compared to other vendors, commercetools stands out as a reliable provider that is known for its API and version stability. Once an API is declared production ready, developers can design services around it and be sure it will not be changed or become outdated. Research and consultancy companies like ‘Gartner’ and ‘Forrester’ declare it one of the leaders in digital commerce, next to more traditional monolithic commerce solutions like Salesforce, SAP and Adobe. Mira Commerce partners with commercetools to support our merchant clients who choose commercetools as part of their e-commerce technology infrastructure and we help customize and integrate commercetools solutions in clients’ broader commerce technical architectures.

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