Mira Commerce Launches New Site for ASA2Fly Mira Commerce Launches New Site for ASA2Fly
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  • 20 May 2022

Mira Commerce Launches New Site for ASA2Fly

Cleared for takeoff! Mira Commerce is excited to announce the launch of a brand-new eCommerce website for our client, Aviation Supplies & Academics, www.ASA2Fly.com. ASA began its journey in 1940 training post-war military pilots returning from active duty to work for civilian airlines, and then broadened its brand to develop and distribute books and training material. Over its 80+ years in business, ASA has grown into being a leading publisher and the largest producing corporation of pilot supplies with manufacturing and distribution being their principle mission.

ASA engaged Mira Commerce as their partner agency to help design and launch an ecommerce website supporting B2B and B2C transactions on the BigCommerce platform with a strong focus on a new mobile user experience. ASA put their trust in Mira Commerce because since the initial discovery calls the Mira team understood ASA’s unique business needs and demonstrated the capability to transition their existing eCommerce channel onto the BigCommerce platform. In addition to implementing complex features such as compatibility with consignment and digital downloads, the team successfully integrated the sophisticated Acumatica ERP and deployed Purchase Orders and Quick Cart.

ASA has a complicated business model and an extensively complex catalog of products, which Mira was able to help find solutions to organize and deliver a site to sell:

  • B2B and B2C
  • domestically and internationally
  • small units to freight-size orders
  • digital and physical goods, and a combo of both
  • by prepaid, consignment, and with customer terms

With the official website going live on May 17, 2022, Mira will continue to help ASA to manage the site along with providing SEO and Analytics. ASA General Manager, Jackie Spanitz, says “it’s been a terrific collaboration working with the Mira team, they are knowledgeable and organized with great problem-solving and communication skills. We will keep the team engaged to help us manage the site as we continue to improve the workflow between our eCommerce and ERP operations.” Mira Commerce CEO, Sergei Ostapenko, states that “the ASA project shows our team’s expertise in leveraging BigCommerce platform to deploy really complex functionality and integrations for websites with digital downloads, product licensing rights, integrations with modern cloud ERP solutions, and building complex digital coupons and promotions business logic in a B2B context.”

We congratulate the whole team for the collaborative effort and a successful launch of www.ASA2Fly.com!