EU Delivery Center

  • 146D Aleje Jerozolimskie
    02-305, Warsaw, Poland
  • +48 22 885 44 28

In Europe Mira Commerce office is located in Warsaw, Poland, where we moved from Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2022. We run our support for EU clients as well as several of our innovation programs and select managed services from Warsaw. Some of our team members are remotely located in Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, and several other countries in Europe. Supporting Ukraine humanitarian relief efforts, we also assist our sister Mira Action non-profit by providing logistical and operational help from our Warsaw office.

Meet the team

Eduardo De Lisa

Chief Technical Officer

Sergei Ostapenko

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Wiese

Head of Sales

Alejandro Dominguez

Head of Finance

Yelena Taras

Head of Quality Assurance

John Fandel

Director of Global Accounts

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